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Transforming Perception: A Stoic Lesson from Marcus Aurelius

Marcus Aurelius is known as one of the greatest Stoic philosophers of all time. He was not only a Roman emperor but also a practitioner of Stoicism, a philosophy that emphasizes the importance of living in accordance with reason and virtue. In his book “Meditations,” he shares his thoughts and reflections on life, offering guidance […]

The Stoics practiced one of the most important mindset philosophies: Amor Fati.

Epictetus reminds us, Amor Fati is means looking at life through a positive lens that encourages us to accept what we have and stop struggling. Because struggle is nothing more than refusing to accept what we have. Consider this: When you’re unhappy at work, you start to fight it. It irritates you. You whine about […]

Top 5 Stoic Gifts For The Stoics In Your Life

Stoicism is a mindset, a way of living. To get the best out of Stoicism, it needs to be embodied. Using stoic objects as daily reminders is one of the best ways to do this. Each one of these stoic gifts promotes Stoicism as a practice to the stoics in your life as well as […]

Characteristics Of An Ideal Stoic

Maximus Decimus Meridius, the main character in the film Gladiator, exemplifies stoic attributes through his acceptance of his enslavement and what he cannot control. Despite the fact that he is a Roman citizen who should not be a slave under Roman law, Maximus does not object and quietly follows orders. He realizes that the deaths […]

5 Must-Have Tarot Decks For Tarot Enthusiasts

The beginning of any new endeavour is crucial. Tarot is no exception. And there is no shortage of decks out there. So, to narrow it down, we’ve compiled a list of five favourite tarot decks amongst tarot readers that we’ve spoken to. They happen to be great for beginners too. Ignore the myth that have […]

5 Must-Read Books To Get You Started With Stoicism

The beginning of any new endeavour is crucial. Stoicism is no exception. So, we’ve compiled a list of five books that can help you comprehend Stoicism while also teaching you essential life skills. If this is your first encounter with stoic philosophy, you may be concerned that it would be too scholarly, but it’s not […]

Socrates says lead by example

Socrates believed that philosophy should produce practical outcomes that benefit society as a whole. He sought to persuade others to examine themselves, seek wisdom and morality, and put their noblest treasure, their soul, first and foremost. Socrates was admired for his bravery as a soldier, the patience he showed his wife, the kindness he showed […]

Faustina – partner to Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius

Faustina was held in high esteem by soldiers. She accompanied Marcus on various military campaigns and enjoyed the excessive love and reverence of Roman soldiers. Aurelius gave her the title of Mater Castrorum or ‘Mother of the Camp’. She attempted to make her home out of an army camp. The Queen of Wands is adored […]

Want to drink wine like the Roman emperors? 🍷

Want to drink🍷 like the Roman emperors? One of the greatest and most respected Roman emperors, Marcus Aurelius, writes in his notes that he was able to abstain from or enjoy those things that majority of us are either too weak to abstain from or enjoy over-indulgently. The glass of wine in stoicism symbolises temperance. […]

Marcus Aurelius lived through one of the worst pandemics. Here’s our thoughts.

Marcus Aurelius’ head piece surrounded by 7 stoic coins. The Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius,during the last 14 years of his life. he faced one of the worst plagues in European history. The Antonine Plague was probably caused by a strain of the smallpox virus. It’s estimated to have killed up to 5 million people, possibly […]