About Stoic Tarot

Stoic Tarot is about helping people feel better. Because feeling well is enjoyable, and life is much too short to be miserable!

Stoic Tarot is reinventing the lost wisdom of stoic philosophy like never before in thoughtful and mind pleasing Tarot artwork. 

Stoic Tarot: think better feel better.®

How The Stoic Tarot Ambassador Program Works

Stoic Tarot’s Ambassador Program enables publishers of websites, bloggers, and social media marketers to earn a commission when they drive new customers to the Stoic Tarot website and those visitors make a purchase.

Tarot card enthusiasts, tarot readers, stoic enthusiasts, influencers, creators and dropshippers are welcomed to apply.

Our Ambassador program is operated through coupon codes. Once you are approved as an Ambassador of Stoic Tarot, you will be given access to a custom coupon code that you can share anywhere on your website and social media posts. When a new customers makes a purchase, you’ll earn a commission. It’s that simple.

Premier Ambassadors

We’re humbled to have wonderful Ambassadors in line recommending Stoic Tarot products to their audiences.

Ambassador Commission Plan

Qualifying Ambassador Partners earn $10 USD per attributed sale.

Apply To Become A Stoic Tarot Ambassador

Applications are reviewed within 4-5 business days.

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