Faustina – partner to Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius

Faustina was held in high esteem by soldiers. She accompanied Marcus on various military campaigns and enjoyed the excessive love and reverence of Roman soldiers. Aurelius gave her the title of Mater Castrorum or ‘Mother of the Camp’. She attempted to make her home out of an army camp.

The Queen of Wands is adored by the majority of people. Some individuals are put off by her candour (who does she think she is to think she doesn’t care what I think?). There are even a few egotistical people who despise her for her best attributes. After living in the shadows for so long, the Queen’s radiant appeal sheds a light on the wounds to their ego that they had been ignoring. The Queen of Wands is a powerful card.

What aspect of yourself do you find difficult to appreciate? Consider how strong your sense of self would be if you smiled at that portion without judgement and yet loved yourself. Is there a light within your heart that you can see? Are you willing to accept yourself and your full experience, including the ups and downs?

Today, be yourself and don’t apologise for it. You’ve earned the right to sit on the throne.

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