Socrates says lead by example

Socrates believed that philosophy should produce practical outcomes that benefit society as a whole.

He sought to persuade others to examine themselves, seek wisdom and morality, and put their noblest treasure, their soul, first and foremost.

"Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings so that you shall come easily by what others have labored hard for." – Socrates Share on X

Socrates was admired for his bravery as a soldier, the patience he showed his wife, the kindness he showed children. He was not only a great thinker, but also a great citizen. A wonderful human being. He embodied the virtues of justice, courage, self-control, and knowledge.

Allow that to enlighten and inspire you. Be a decent person if you want to be admired. Take a stand for others. Accept their snubs, nonsense, and worse. Make a point of insisting on the truth. Keep your wits about you. Put those four virtues into practise. Even if no one is looking, do it every day.


Kindness, compassion, and knowledge are represented by the King of Cups Tarot card. This Minor Arcana card may represent that you will discover a way to reconcile your mind and heart. You’ll get the ability to control your emotions and the knowledge to accept what you can’t alter. When this card comes, you should be reaching a higher level of emotional maturity.

You’ll become more relaxed, sensitive, and accepting of others. The King of Cups, like the other cups court cards, represents emotion, creativity, creative talent, and intuition, but in a more balanced way. The King of Cups is a kind, affectionate, and compassionate individual.

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