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Includes: Stoic Tarot Deck + Booklet

Stoic Tarot is a spiritual lifestyle brand built around philosophy and stoicism. Whenever you feel the need to explore your inner thoughts and feelings, and have those explained by philosophy, this is the right tarot deck for you. The key characters used in this deck are famous personalities from the dark and middle eras, and the personifications carry a lot of meaning leaving room for interpretation. With a bit of research on ancient mythology, the great stoics & by using our nifty guidebook, the Stoic Tarot Deck will help explain your thoughts and situations, and guide you to solve them to feel content, gratified and ultimately wiser with the knowledge of the stoics.

Note: We have reached our Phase 1 pre-launch goal and sold 100 decks! The deck is currently in prototype phase so you can expect to receive the Stoic Tarot towards early 2022.

Phase 2 pre-launch offer: Save 15% while this offer lasts! Limited to 50 deck only. Original retail price for this deck will be $79.90 on official launch date.

Stoic Tarot is now available worldwide. Free shipping is automatically granted worldwide by ordering 3+ decks.

Limited Edition

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PHASE 2 PRE-LAUNCH OFFER: Reserve your Stoic Tarot Deck


100% ECOLOGICALLY PRODUCED: As stoics, we care about sustainability. This is why we use the best printing and packaging machinery powered by the greenest choices in energy and process management. We choose to use FSC certified papers and food-grade inks that are 100% recyclable and proudly demonstrate our care for planet Earth.

Save 15% while phase 2 prelaunch offer lasts!