Quiz | Do I need a Tarot Reading?

Many people like to get a Tarot Reading to mark significant events (think: birthdays, breakups, New Year’s Eve, etc.).

However, at Stoic Tarot, we've found the following points are perfect for letting you know when it’s a good time to consult the cards…and when we don't think tarot is the answer (because yes, tarot is not always the answer!).

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Tarot works wonders when you have several options and no clear winner. For example, you can pull a card to represent each option and then reflect on how this new info makes you feel about the potential choices. Another option: Pull a tarot card to represent the principle you should use to navigate this crossroads. Just be clear on what your decision is about and what your options are before your reading begins—and if you’re getting a reading from us, you can tell us all about it for specific clarity and direction.

Are you in the middle of making a decision?

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Tarot can be a guiding light in the fog of confusion when you can’t see your next step clearly. Get a tarot reading to clarify specific steps that will take you out of this mess and get you back onto the right path. Ask us to draw a card to focus on the root cause of ~why you’re stuck~, and ask what action you should take next.

Do you feel stuck right now?

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Getting as much information about what might lie ahead (the opportunities, obstacles, and surprises) is always a good idea. Informed = prepared. When you’re getting a tarot reading, always ask for guidance about your own mindset and approach. Let the tarot inform you about not just what’s coming but also how you can handle what’s ahead.

Are you or will you be making a big life change in the near future?

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Tarot can provide an illuminating mirror to reveal who you were, are, and are becoming. It can put your story into a greater context and extract life lessons, wisdom, and self-awareness. One of our most popular bundle is “Love, Soulmate & Career" back to back Tarot Readings so you can have your life told like a story.

Are you feeling reflective right now?

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We all need a little help sometimes when thinking up ideas. Whatever you’re considering, tarot will bring an external lens to your situation. Ask us to use our tarot cards to give you new ideas wherever you feel stagnant. Tarot always has ideas!

Do you feel you need a bit of inspiration?

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