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Hello there! Welcome to the Stoic Tarot. We are a brand about helping people feel better. Because feeling well is enjoyable, and life is much too short to be miserable! We are committed to the Great Divine and using divination to benefit others.

This listing is for one Hafez Reading with 1-4 questions if desired.

Hafez was a renowned Persian poet from the fourteenth century, and the poetry written by Hafez is still highly influential in today’s culture. A Hafez reading, also known as “Fal-e Hafez,” is a traditional practice where you seek guidance or answers to your questions.

To perform a Hafez reading, provide us with 1-4 wishes or questions. We then will open the Hafez’s Divan (collection of poetry book) at random and read the poem on the page opened. The selected verse is interpreted as a response or guidance related to the question or wish. The poetic and mystical nature of Hafez’s work lends itself to various interpretations, making each reading unique and personal.

Messages are always conveyed by us in a kind manner. If you are seeking answers or information about a relationship, friendship, or just a general reading, we have other listings that may be a better fit for you. 🙂

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Current Price: only $9.97
Original Price: $59.97
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Hafez Reading | “Fal-e Hafez” | 3 Hour Delivery | Same Day Reading

Original price was: $59.97.Current price is: $9.97.