Tarot Readers

About Stoic Tarot

Stoic Tarot is about helping people feel better. Because feeling well is enjoyable, and life is much too short to be miserable!

We are committed to the Great Divine and using divination to benefit others.

How The Tarot Reader Program Works

Stoic Tarot’s Tarot Reader Program enables experienced Tarot Readers to earn a commission when they provide a reading to our customers. We provide you with the information of the individuals involved (questions, DOB, etc.) and you provide the reading to us, and then we deliver the reading to our customer. 

English speaking tarot readers worldwide are welcomed to apply. We hold a high standard for the best possible customer satisfaction. Although we have a strict vetting process, don’t be shy to apply!

All readings must be delivered to us within 24h by email. Please note that failure to deliver readings within respectable timeframe could get you disqualified from our program. When you deliver the reading to us, you’ll earn a commission within 5 business days, usually same day. It’s that simple.

Premier Tarot Readers

We’re humbled to have wonderful Tarot Readers in line at Stoic Tarot to better the lives of our customers.

Tarot Reader Commission Plan

Qualifying Tarot Reader Partners earn $5 USD.

Apply To Become A Tarot Reader

Accepted applications are reviewed and replied within 4-5 business days.