Want to drink wine like the Roman emperors? 🍷

Want to drink🍷 like the Roman emperors? One of the greatest and most respected Roman emperors, Marcus Aurelius, writes in his notes that he was able to abstain from or enjoy those things that majority of us are either too weak to abstain from or enjoy over-indulgently.

The glass of wine in stoicism symbolises temperance. Marcus says that restraint is a sign of strength and endurance, and that it is:

“the mark of someone who possesses a well-balanced and invincible character.” – Marcus Aurelius Share on X

Ace of cups in Tarot means new starts. Opportunities. They hold an offer – it is up to you to reach forward and take it. Here in the cups suit, this is an opportunity for spiritual and emotional growth.

This is a new chapter in your emotional life. You may feel called to do some kind of spiritual work – like learning tarot! Or taking up a new magical practice, or diving deeper into your faith, whatever shape that may take.

When you see this card, listen to your heart. It’s a cliche, but it’s about important personal work. Your heart is wiser than your mind, it knows things, truths, that are not rational or easily explained. It’s time to give those truths some air-time, to honour that wisdom you hold deep within you.

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